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February 21, 2019

These days consumers rely on online reviews to decide whether they should use your services or buy your products. So what people are saying about your business on Google Yelp Facebook and other reliable review sites can either make your business a success, or a failure.

Having positive reviews is essential for getting new customers. If you don't have good online reviews, or just a few positive reviews, people will choose to go with your competitors. And that means loss of revenue for you.

Your positive reviews will also improve your online visibility since Google and other search engines rank businesses higher or lower on their local search result with consideration to the overall review scores and review counts. So more positive reviews means better, online ranking.

Unfortunately online review platforms can be unfair to your business. Since unsatisfied, customers are always eager to leave negative reviews everywhere they can while satisfied.

Usually, satisfied customers stay silent unless you ask them and make it easy for them to leave you a review score. Reeview provides an easy and effective way to collect hundreds of positive reviews on sites that matter the most to your business with our automated system.

You can easily request reviews from your customers. When your customers receive the review request, customers with a positive experience are taken straight to the review, sites of your choice to leave positive reviews and it Happy customers are taken to a private feedback form, which only you will receive and read.

This is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to request reviews. Collect more positive reviews and prevent bad reviews. From going public with score. With Reeview, you can build a trusted brand rank better online. Beat the competition and advanced new customers. Sign up today, and improve your online reputation.

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